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"Just a fast note to say thank you for being so prompt in the matter of my e-box card order. I have sent it out to many people. I have received compliments and other positive responses from lots of people on my mailing list of family, friends and clients. This is good for my business."

David Kieserman


"We purchased the Gallimore Design e-box cards because of the impressive visual presentation, utilizing a technique that uniquely conveys a greeting in a very high quality fashion. The e-box cards fit our distribution needs for communicating directly with our audience of 4300 subscribers. Therefore, this was very affordable on a per unit cost basis. Our customers liked the greetings, and from a marketing standpoint, we received a higher clickthrough response with the e-box card greetings."

Roger Madison Jr.
iZania LLC

"I got great feedback when I sent people my personalized e-box card
s. The images and music got the attention of business prospects.
Eric Frazier
Eric Frazier Music

"The e-box cards allow me to easily share an inspiring message with my clients in a fun and professional way. The cards look and sound beautiful."

Franne McNeal, Business Coach
HR Energy

"My work as a tv and movie actress
keeps me busy. The e-box card
s help me keep in touch when I am on the go. Friends and family love my emails. Agents are impressed!"

Yvonne Tucker, Actress

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"How impressive! I love your e-box card."
Barbara Newsome

"Thank you for the wonderful message.
It is truly inspiring."


Louis Clybourn

"Thank you for the beautiful and inspiring Thanksgiving e-box card."

Evelyn Anne Cunningham

"What a great way to perform online business marketing!"

Gerald Peppers

"Loved the e-box card and the message!"
Penelope Blair

"God bless you & thank you for the beautiful, beautiful greeting. Superb graphics, this one's a keeper."

Lorna Jackson

"Thought your holiday e-box card was really very inventive."

Henry Collins





Frequently Asked Questions
1. How many cards for $39? .9. How do I put link in email?
2. How does this work? 10. How do I put link into html?
3. Can I send unlimited #? 11. Showcase my photos?
4. Pay for the e-box card? 12. Showcase my music?
5. Will more cards be made? 13. Can I customize more?
6. I want to tell others! 14. Can you send my emails?
7. Why the $149 prices? 15. Why "e-box card by"?
8. Can I have 2+ photos? 16. Other e-box cards are free!

Question #1:
How many cards do I get for the $39? I want to send the same e-box card to multiple people.

You get one e-box card
for the $39.

You can send that one e-box card an unlimited times! Feel free to send the same e-box card to as many people as you want.

Of course we have different designs, so if you want one of each design, you will need to purchase one of each design! Also check out our packages which feature a variety of e-box cards.

THREE Easy Steps to Get Your e-box card
1. Provide us with the 3 lines of personalization
2. Select and pay for your e-box card design(s)
3. We will personalize your selection and send you one link for each paid e-box card.

You can use the link to the e-box card an unlimited amount of times. e-box cards are VERY cost-effective.

Question #2:
What is the concept and how does the e-box card work?


People are often too busy to handwrite out personal greetings
and mail paper cards to friends, clients or family. And yet, they want to stay in touch. e-box cards provide "instant" communication via email. Although many "free" e-cards are full of advertising or require software downloads or slow loading "flash" technology.

We created the professionally designed e-box card series so that people can have high-quality e-box cards that are
personalized and easy to send. We use"high tech" to inspire "high touch".

We allow our customers to provide 3 lines of personalization
prior to selecting and paying for 1 or more
e-box cards. Once we receive the personalization information and payment, we create the e-box card file and send the link to our customer. Customers are able to use the link as many times as they want (unlimited usage) on emails or webpages.

Our e-box cards are popular with people with larger email mail lists (50, 250, 1000, 2000, 5000+ emails) of friends, associates, clients, family, etc. Our attractive e-box cards are part of their online marketing strategy, and provide an ROI at "cost per use" that is often less than 75 cents.

Payment choices:

Our current selection in the e-box card
series includes: Congratulations, Happy Birthday, Thank You, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, General Winter Holiday, Xmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa.

Upcoming selections include:
Halloween and happy New year. Condolences and "Thinking of You" e-box cards are also being designed.

$39, Three lines of personalization for one e-box card

$149, Your 2 Photos + 3 lines of personalization (no music) + three lines of personalization for one e-box card
. You must provide 2 images (4 inches x 4 inches, high quality, digital jpg file format, cropped to exact what you want to show up on the screen). Your 2 images will appear on the last screen of YOUR e-box card.

Ordering Multiple Designs:
If you order multiple
e-box cards, we will use the same 3 lines of personalization . If you need different personalization for your e-box cards, you will need to create separate credit card transactions.

Question #3:
Can I really send my link to as many people as I want?

Yes, send the link(s) to as many people as you want (1, 10, 50, 100, 1000 or 5000+ people). However, please do not "spam".

We suggest that you only include 1 link per email so that your recipient can focus on one
e-box card at a time.

Question #4:
I want to pay for one or more
e-box card?" How can I get to the payment screen?

You need to provide the personalization information first.
If you purchase several e-box cards we will use the same personalization information on each card.

When you complete the
personalization n screen you will be automatically directed to the payment screen.

At the payment screen you will see all of the design selections and price options. Select and pay for your choices.

As soon as we receive your
personalization and payment, we will complete your order and send you one link for the e-box card that you selected.

You can use the link to the e-box card an unlimited amount of times. e-box cards are VERY cost-effective.

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