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e-box cards

"Just a fast note to say thank you for being so prompt in the matter of my e-box card order. I have sent it out to many people. I have received compliments and other positive responses from lots of people on my mailing list of family, friends and clients. This is good for my business."

David Kieserman


"We purchased the Gallimore Design e-box card
s because of the
impressive visual presentation, utilizing a technique that uniquely conveys a greeting in a very high quality fashion. The e-box cards fit our distribution needs for communicating directly with our audience of 4300 subscribers. Therefore, this was very affordable on a per unit cost basis. Our customers liked the greetings, and from a marketing standpoint, we received a higher clickthrough response with the e-box card

Roger Madison Jr.
iZania LLC

"I got great feedback when I sent people my personalized e-box card
s. The images and music got the attention of business prospects."
Eric Frazier
Eric Frazier Music

"The e-box cards allow me
to easily share an inspiring message with my clients in a fun and professional way. The e-box cards look and sound beautiful."

Franne McNeal, Business Coach
HR Energy

"My work as a tv and movie actress
keeps me busy. The e-box card
s help me keep in touch when I am on the go. Friends and family love
my emails. Agents are impressed!"

Yvonne Tucker, Actress

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"That was a cool e-box card."
Brian Brown

"This is beautiful. Thank you."
Carole Babb

"The Thanksgiving message and pictures are absolutely beautiful and uplifting thanks."

Tyrone T. Dancy

"I love this!"
Candice Delevante

"Thank you for the fine e-box card."
Nathan Harley

"My first thought was WOW!
The e-box cards are GREAT!"

Dawn Angelique Jones

"This is "very" impressive!"
Gordon S. Ross

"Thanks for your thoughtfulness! I liked the music title and the sound. Peace."
Charles J. Hicks II, Ph.D.

"Thank you. That was truly thoughtful!"
Pat Davis

"You are so thoughtful!
Dyana Williams

"Thanks for thinking of me!"
Yvonne Norris"

Happy Valentine's Day yourself, many thanks...great music!"
Joyce Rankin





Frequently Asked Questions (#5-9)
1. How many cards for $39? .9. How do I put link in email?
2. How does this work? 10. How do I put link into html?
3. Can I send unlimited #? 11. Showcase my photos?
4. Pay for the e-box card? 12. Showcase my music?
5. Will more cards be made? 13. Can I customize more?
6. I want to tell others! 14. Can you send my emails?
7. Why the $149 prices? 15. Why "e-box card by"?
8. Can I have 2+ photos? 16. Other e-box cards are free!

Question #5:
When will more designs for the e-box card
s be developed?

e-box cards include: Passover, Friendship Day, Juneteenth Day, and Halloween.

"Thinking of You", "You're Invited" and Sympathy e-box card
s are also being designed.

Corporate requests include product specific
e-box cards for special branding efforts and product promotions.

Question #6a:
I am with the media and I want to write an article about
e-box cards. How do I get more information?

Download the press release.
To interview Everaldo Gallimore, Branding Coach and Graphic Designer, please contact him at 718.484.9495 or eg@gd-ebox.com.

Question #6b:

I'm not with the media, but I still want to tell others about
e-box cards.

Please send your friends and family a quick note and include the link to: www.gd-ebox.com. That way they can see and hear what we are doing. Thanks!

Question #7:
Why should I spend $149 for a Custom-Lite e-box card


Organizations want to further their brand, their image and the connection that they have with the recipients of their email communications, realize the value of including 2 images of choice that help "visually" personalize the message that the
e-box card convey.

This option of $149 is selected by organizations (professional, non-profit organization, business, teams) that have a database of 250 emails or more. If the organization has a database of 200 people, the cost of the Custom-Lite link is approximately 60 cents per use.

The 2 images along with the 3 lines of personalization make the electronic card really "belong to your organization." The images can be photos, logos, symbols, illustrations, etc.

The digital (electronic) images must be 4 inches x 4 inches. They
must be "near perfect, ready to be put on the web "as-is", jpg file only (not gif file), with exactly what you want to show.

*** To start the process:
1. Send the 2 photos to 4x4photos@gd-ebox.com

2. Provide your 3 lines of "personalized" info.

3. Select your e-box card(s) and pay.

4. When we receive your photos, personalization information and your payment, we will l start the "custom-lite" process and send you the link to your e-box card(s) within 8 hours.

Additional customizations:
Changing of the amount or placement of personalization, photos
or music is not part of the "custom-lite" process. The "custom-lite" process has a "self-serve" flavor and is simplified for ease of use, consistency, quality control and reasonable pricing. If you want customization of photos, text, music, etc, please consider the "custom" process which starts at $5000.

Question #8:
I want more customization than what is offered in the "custom-lite" package. I want to include my own photos, text and audio. I want to pay less than $5000 (custom package).


As a branding company we understand that you want to have
e-box card be consistent with your brand.

The development of the customized
e-box cards requires extensive consulting and production time, so we do not do customization for less than $5000.

Typically branded customization projects price out at $5000+
and involved 45 day commitment. We partner with our clients marketing and business objectives team to ensure brand recognition.

Our e-box cards provide a high ROI because they are interactive, "high value and high brand". Because our product can be reused on multiple platforms and widely distributed, the actual marketing investment is relatively low per individual distribution.

Email custom@gd-ebox.com
and share your ideas. We provide a complimentary 15 minute consultation. The customized e-box cards start at $5000.

Question #9:
When I insert the link into my email, how do I get it to show up the same way as it does on the e-box cards website?


When you are creating your email do the following two steps.

1. Include the following sentence in your email:

Click on the link below to view a e-box card
that I have sent you. The file will run on the internet (and does not download onto your pc).

2. Cut and paste the link that you were given, into your email.

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