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e-box cards

"Just a fast note to say thank you for being so prompt in the matter of my e-box card order. I have sent it out to many people. I have received compliments and other positive responses from lots of people on my mailing list of family, friends and clients. This is good for my business."

David Kieserman


"We purchased the Gallimore Design e-box cards because of the impressive visual presentation, utilizing a technique that uniquely conveys a greeting in a very high quality fashion. The e-box cards fit our distribution needs for communicating directly with our audience of 4300 subscribers. Therefore, this was very affordable on a per unit cost basis. Our customers liked the greetings, and from a marketing standpoint, we received a higher clickthrough response with the e-box card greetings."

Roger Madison Jr.
iZania LLC

"I got great feedback when I sent people my personalized e-box card
s. The images and music got the attention of business prospects.
Eric Frazier
Eric Frazier Music

"The e-box cards allow me to easily share an inspiring message with my clients in a fun and professional way. The cards look and sound beautiful."

Franne McNeal, Business Coach
HR Energy

"My work as a tv and movie actress
keeps me busy. The e-box card
s help me keep in touch when I am on the go. Friends and family love my emails. Agents are impressed!"

Yvonne Tucker, Actress

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"This is beautiful---Happy Valentine's Day to you too!"
Lisa G. Kramer

"Thanks for the e-box card...it was nice of you to think of me. Happy Valentine's Day to you too!"
Lydia Cruz

"Thank you so much. It warmed my heart to receive this Valentine's Day e-box card. Peace."

"Very cool! Very creative and professional."

Joy McPhearson

What a beautiful e-box card...peace and light
Sydney Chase

Great concept
Thedis Miller

"Lovely e-box card."
Richard S. Asbury

"Lovely card!"
Kathryn Bennett





Frequently Asked Questions (#10-16)
1. How many cards for $39? .9. How do I put link in email?
2. How does this work? 10. How do I put link into html?
3. Can I send unlimited #? 11. Showcase my photos?
4. Pay for the e-box card? 12. Showcase my music?
5. Will more cards be made? 13. Can I customize more?
6. I want to tell others! 14. Can you send my emails?
7. Why the $149+ prices? 15. Why "e-box card by"?
8. Can I have 2+ photos? 16. Other e-box cards are free!

Question #10:
Can I insert the link into my html document? And will it show up the same way as it does on the
e-box card website?

If you know html code, you can also insert the link into an html webpage, and it will show up properly.

Question #11:
I am a photographer and I would like to be featured on
e-box cards. What is the process?

Send an email indicating your interest and proposed terms to:

We are open to "fair exchanges" where you would provide photos based on specific themes.

We would provide marketing exposure to you within our database of 13,000 professionals and business across the country.

Question #12:
I am a musician and I would like to be featured on your
Music e-box cards. What is the process?

Send an email indicating your interest and proposed terms to:

We are open to "fair exchanges" where you would provide 1 minute mp3 files of music based on specific themes.

We would provide marketing exposure to you within our database of 13,000 professionals and business across the country.

Question #13:
Can I customize any and all of the features: images, text, music, layout, etc?
Can I have modifications or substitutions to reflect my interests, company or brand?

Absolutely YES! We are a branding company and we want to help you achieve your business and communication goals.

We have over 20 years of experience in the advertising and design industry through agency and corporate work. We have worked with the automotive, consumer, medical, non-profits, pharmaceutical, financial services, education, entertainment and small business industries.

Our portfolio includes: ABC, Arista, Avon Products, BCT Partners, Brooklyn College, Carver Bank, Comcast Cable, Chrysler, Dannon Yogurt, Essence Communications, Fox Advertising, HR Energy, IBM, Jovan Broadcasting, Kraft Foods, Lutz Crackers, Motown, NBC, Platinum Chess Records, Actress Yvonne Tucker and Uniworld Group.

You can customize an e-box card so that it reflects your brand, products and image. Customization of text, photos, sound, rotations as well as company specific logos and locations is encouraged. Additional fee-based services include distribution
e-box cards.

In the "custom" process we work closely with you and provide lots of time for questions and consulting. Typical "custom" projects are $5000+ and our final product is distributed to 10,000 to 100,000 people, so that cost of the link is less than $1 per use.

Customers who have a high profile, branded product with local, regional, national or international exposure and want their image and message to be creatively and professionally communicated in an electronic format, chose our services. They recognize and value the branding expertise that we provide and the our business solutions approach to their ROI.

For more information, please contact Everaldo Gallimore
at custom@gd-ebox.com

Question #14:
I actually don't want to be responsible for sending out my emails because I have a large corporate database. Can you send the emails out for me, track the responses and give me a report?


We certainly can provide the email database management process for you. Our pre-paid fee is based on a 3 month minimum contract.

We consider criteria such as: the on the size of your database, the amount of time you want the responses tracked, the type of report and the consultation time to meet your needs.

Question #15:
Do all of the
e-box cards have the phrase: "e-box card by www.gallimoredesign.com"?

Yes. We professionally designed the cards and we want do not want someone else to take credit for our work.

The phrase: "e-box card by www.gallimoredesign.com" will appear on the last screen of the
e-box cards in a small point size. We will place the information so it does not distract from your message.

Question #16:
Other places have free e-box cards, so why do you charge
$39 for one e-box card

Our cards are uniquely designed by a professional. The product can be used an unlimited amount of times (so it is designed for people who will send out as many cards as their database will hold).

We provide the value of
personalization (your unique name, company, website or email) so that you can co-brand your company with a thoughtful and professionally designed message.

Other card companies provide free e-cards as a way of advertising their company. You are forced to stay at their website to send multiple individual cards.

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